Sunday, May 12, 2013

Welcome to the Linen Picker!


Hello, welcome, and thank you for visiting!

I've been working on my "fashion warehouse" and getting it set up, going through tons of totes and boxes full of fabrics, linens, sheets and the like and organizing them. I am getting ready to post to my Etsy store very soon and I will announce it here!

I've been a collector of many things through the years but it seems that my passion for the most part has been fabric! I have tons of vintage fabrics and I am so happy with my decision to share and sell them in my store with you!

Fabric, linen, lace, satin, bows, ribbons, burlap, vintage silk, you name it I probably have it!

Here you will find wonderful fabrics, information, leathers and all of my old and new treasures found around my favorite haunts and things available in my Etsy store.

I have collected linens, sheets, pillowcases, burlap, all things fabric for many years and absolutely love the texture, the little tears and holes, and just the intricate details of any piece. I love the old prom and wedding dresses ( I currently have two!) with all the pearls and lace, just lovely. I also love anything vintage leather.

Like furniture, all vintage things have character and quality. I believe that is particularly what interests me the most. Who made this lovely piece, where did it come from, whose design, how long did it take them. Who wore it, held it, loved it, stitched it! Or just a piece of fabric that I've found interesting. I have a lot of lovely embroidery pieces, very old.

Join me in my treasure hunt, some to keep, most to share, and I will tell you all about the chase! The location, some history if I can find it, how old these pieces are, for I am drawn to shabby, vintage, handmade with love items and have been my whole life!

Whether it is a piece for your table or small piece to make a new treasure with, you will have first hand information about it if I have it. Vintage decor is calling!

Thank you for visiting, and let's begin this fun journey!

These are but a few of my treasured pieces that I had to hang up in the warehouse! Oh the texture! These are small pieces but lovely just the same.

And of course, now that I am sorting, I'm finding fabulous burlap, rice and vegetable bags too! Vintage bags; I have had these since I was a teen, many years ago, oh my! The large one is very brittle inside the outside burlap  is in good shape for the age.

The smaller ones, some came from my Mother, who collected them for me as they did the travel trailer thing! What fun!

Hadley, specifically was what Mom and Dad called the "lemonade stand" way back when in the 1940's, 1950's! If you EVER get a chance to visit, please be sure to do so! You will LOVE IT!

It was a very small place back then, now it is huge, they have a website and wonderful dried fruits and nuts of all kinds. They are located in California. They are not far from Palm Springs, we used to go there for vacations, passed the "stand" got our cool drink and off we went!

I hope you enjoyed a little bit of my history here, I will be sharing more soon! I welcome any and all comments, and if you are interested in anything specific, please let me know! I probably have it! Sewers and Quilters, here we go!

With love, K